Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Klein aber mein

There was a nice little interview with Slovenian film director, lecturer (at the very cool new private art academy here called AVA) , and blogger Andrej Košak in D magazine of Sunday's Delo newspaper (their decent attempt at producing a Slovenian version of the NY Times magazine).

Košak was the director of popular Slovenian film Outsider, and he splits his time between Berlin and Ljubljana. He comes off as a really cool guy in this interview (tell him to call me for a coffee some time!), and I think he has some very illuminating thoughts on president-day Slovenia .

Here are some of my favorite excerpts from the interview (wonky translations by yours truly)

a screenshot from Outsider (which I guess I should now watch)

Berlin in three Slovenian words?
Velik, odrpt, multikulturen (Big, open, multicultural)

Ljubljana in three German words?
Klein, aber mein (Small, but mine)

Do we Slovenians know how to enjoy ourselves?
Slovenians are not wild partiers, but then we always go away with the feeling that we haven't gotten our money's worth. I adore the French, whose lives revolve around good food, sex, and art.

How do you enjoy yourself?
In work. When I am working, I feel like I am living one-hundred percent. Otherwise, I consider the French prescription: good food, sex, and art.

What sort of prime time program does Slovenia need?
A program that would cultivate Slovenians, let them know what is happening in art around the world.

Politics is....
interesting to talk about, but best to stay out of. I am a big adherent to the idea that the the amount of politics on television should be reduced to a reasonable limit. In Slovenia from 6pm to 11pm, television is dominated just by politics. This doesn't happen anywhere else in the world, even during socialism it was much less.

Three things that were better during former-Yugoslavia?
Ljubljana, Zagreb, and Belgrade in the eighties. Great people and seriously big artists (goes on to name a massive list of artists and events)

Three things that are not worthy of Yugo-nostalgia?

The Yugoslav army, rizi-bizi, and Zvečevo cognac.

Haiku du jour, s'il vous plait....
Life is a bitch, a way too short.
(note: this part was already in English. I think it should say "but way too short", but I can't be sure)


Lisa said...

I've only seen clips, but I'm dying to see that film. Some great music in it.