Monday, May 12, 2008

A Little Slap

This weekend, our neighbor/friend called and invited us to head down to the Soča Valley near Slap where he and his gang were going kayaking.

We had a nice trek down there. We stopped along the river in several spots, we also drove the car onto a train that carried the car through this completely dark tunnel that was carved through a mountain.

While our friend road the waves we took a hike up to see the Kozjak waterfall. Total good times.

these are bee hives. beekeeping is big in this country, in fact the town where i live is the home of modern beekeeping.

there were a lot of passes through the rocks since this is where many soldiers were stationed during the first world war. the bunkers and small caves were totally in tact (some even had the wooden bunks in them) and in fact we found some people hanging/camping out in one of them.


Felicity said...

Wow!!!! Great pictures, the scenery is breathtaking!

Tina. said...

Again, beautiful photos that are making me a wee homesick.