Friday, February 8, 2008

Prešeren Praznik and Procrastination

How is it possible that I am still busy? More deadlines? How can it be? I just met some and celebrated. ...Oh procrastination!When will our love affair be over? What's that? You'll tell me next week? You have a meme to fill out and a Youtube video to watch? Oh, brother!

Today is a national holiday here, Prešernov dan (Prešeren Day), in honor of Slovenia's most beloved poet, the great France Prešeren. Poets love to lie about lazily and muse about things, don't they? I'm certain that's what the good Sir France would have wanted us all to do in his honor. So that will make a fine excuse for why I've been a bit lazy today...

Here is a picture of an accident I passed where a big rig had tipped over onto its side. This picture would be more exciting but I reached my camera a little too late. It seems I have caught the bug from my father and developed an interest in shooting accidents. I do hope I don't see another for a while...

..aany old way, I will go ahead and conclude this post with a beautiful poem (from by the good Mr. Prešeren, and bid you a beautiful weekend with promises of meatier and more beautifully picture-filled posts to come.

Midwastes of Africa
Mid wastes of Africa a wanderer sped:
He found no pathway; night was now afield.
Through clouds no stealthy glimmer was revealed;
Craving the moon, he made the grass his bed.

The heavens opened, moonbeams then were shed;
He sees where poison-serpents are concealed,
And where their brood of cubs the tigers shield;
He sees the lion upraise his wrathful head.

Thus 'tis the wont of youth perforce to view
What now befalls, so long the veil yet drapes
The future from the road he would pursue.

Clearer has grown the night, and from it gapes
Loathing of life; of pangs and griefs not few,
The deep abyss from which none e'er escapes.