Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Zipped Shut

Sorry for the intermittent posts, I've been working a lot, with occasional breaks to check on new of the US elections and whether Amy has killed herself yet.

Speaking of news, I came across this very interesting NY Times article (via Marko Bucik) on the rise of censorship in Slovenia. As you may or may not know, I am a budding journalist here and this is of great concern to me. While I haven't experienced any sort of censorship (and don't anticipate I will, since I have been working with a really great editor), I have heard buzzing about it in the artistic circle I have been working with.

While the censorship seems to be more of the back alley dealing for control of papers and politically-motivated firings (the type of censorship which is no doubt par for the course in the states) rather than out and out total blackouts, this type of stuff is not the kind of press the current EU president needs...nor is it sending a good message to and about other countries transitioning from Communist state control.

Anyway, check out that article and then head over to Pengovsky for more Slo-media drama.